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About Deviant I am what I am....Male/United States Group :iconapplejackxspitfire: ApplejackxSpitfire
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Farming in the Icy Inferno
February 12 2013
10:18 AM
A Blur in the Yellow Blizzard
Lending a Help Hoof
Applejack looked out the window of her home, wearing a scowl with genuine irritation. She was barely able to see the orchard through the thick white frost. A red stallion slowly lugged his way next to the apple farmer and slowly settled down, gazing out into the howling abyss.
“Looks like the storm is picking up a mighty fierce one. You have to wonder what them boneheaded pegasi at the Cloudsdale manage to screw up this time.”
“Eeeyup.” A low baritone bellowed in reply.
“Ah mean, ah know accidents happen and all that, but could they have picked a better time to do it?”
Applejack sighed as she made her way back to the living room. She sat next to Wionna, who was resting peacefully. Snuggled up next to her was Applebloom, whose hoof hanged off the side.
A small smile found it's way to Applejack's muzzle. Never did that stop being cute, both filly and pony's best friend tucked t
:iconforlanceabice1:ForlanceAbice1 2 0
Reclamation of Unity
"I can't wait to show this to Tavi! Gold Mint really outdid himself this time."
Vinyl said, padding the little black box that contained the prize within.
"Certainly seems that way." Bon Bon said, eyeing her package. "His smithing made the lyre look like it had just been minted. And here I thought this old thing was almost beyond salvaging, let alone being refined upon. I am certain that Lyra will be overjoyed."
Vinyl Scratch and her friend Bon Bon had just finished their shopping for their gifts for their respective spouses. Vinyl had Octavia's trademark bowtie, albiet one with a red ruby affixed to it and a miniture MP3 to boot, while Bon Bon possessed Lyra's instrument, which though previously had been a battered wreak due to... A quirk of Lyra's which best remains untouched, now sparkled brightly in the sunlight, it's silver ivory being that of the Hoofington Dazzle Sparkle variant, thus the metaphor. Both were jubiantly trotting down the road in a local garden which led to their re
:iconforlanceabice1:ForlanceAbice1 1 0


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I am what I am....
United States
I am but one of many.
There isn't anything of worth noting.
If you come, please be welcome. Be fore warned, at random, I shall fave sphree, be thy I comment or not.

A pebble among many stones. For soothe, we live alike.
Opinions and minds may vary. But we are only human.

I may comment or not, fave or not of your works.
Be it worthy or not, who may care is none of my concern.
We earn our reputation through sweat and blood.

For one sole purpous, let it be bliss.
For mine, it is simply known as the "Librarian".
My cause is to organize those works that I enjoy.
To make it easier for another, I have gather this work.
Please take a seat and enjoy yourself.

By the way, for those who thank me for the favorite and or collection of their work,
You're welcome.

"ForlanceAbice1, February 18 2011 12:57 AM."

What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?
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What Type Of Music Are You?
What Type Of Music Are You?
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My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
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Personal Quote: The day last only but so long. The artist never shield's their splendor. Most fruitful indeed.
This title should server as a placeholder to come.
Got lost in the local forest for two damn hours, with a bleeding hand,
wet miserable, and so forth.
Augh.... Need I say more?


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[secures the straps that hold you to the large metal table, then has his assistant pull back the doors to the sky and the raging lightning storm above]

They said I was mad. They all laughed at me. But I'll show them. I'll show them all! IGOR! FLIP THE SWITCH!!

[Laughs maniacally as Igor groans, flipping the switch to activate the device to which you are forcibly attached]

Oh. I almost forgot. Thanks for the watch!

[lightning strikes the collectors, the machine hums to life, sparks fly, and you begin to transform...]
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